Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog break over

After a two month absence my old blogging nerve has started to twitch again. It's great to be back. Here is some of what I've been up to while not blogging:

...drinking lots of coffee from my favorite vintage mug of the moment - a Figgjoflint design,

bought this lovely tea towel at Etsy,

thrifted another huge Bitossi lamp at Fretex (the Salvation Army shop) last week, and today found a shade for it,

been thinking I need to get some Biri natural wallpaper on a wall in the dining area,

purchased three Marcel Breuer 'Cesca' chairs with WHITE wooden frames (no armrests) for the mere sum of $40. Now I just need a place to put them,

made a costume for my son's kindergarten carnival party. Theme: Fairytale forest. The end result includes Ikea hacking, velcro and bandages.

I purchased an enormous (soup?) cup online. Later on I also found a lid in the same design and hoped that it would fit. It didn't.

And today, my latest thrift gem: a large tea cup from Arabia of Finland.
I've wasted hours online trying to find out what it's called, but I think I need YOUR help, my dear clued up readers. All similar items on ebay are listed as
'Valencia', but I don't think that's the correct name. (As far as the colour go and to some extend also the pattern, I think it is close but no cigar.) Can anyone help clear up this conundrum for me?

So there you have it. I hope to be back with some more (shorter) posts soon.


designhund said...

Velkommen tilbake skal du være:-)

Juddie said...

Great costume! ...and I love that mug.

Francesca said...

i can't help you. you are far more clued up than me in these matters! but it is lovely. GREAT costume! he looks fantastic. and i love the figgjo flint cups. i haven't seen that design in cup form before, only wall plaques.
nice to see you back, hoorah!