Sunday, August 31, 2008

Garden shed update

It's taken a long time, but our little building project at the end of the garden is finally on its way. It doesn't look like much yet, but this frame was put up in a few hours, as compared to the preparation of the ground which has taken days and weeks. Might I also add that we're all feeling better now, thanks! (Except for the dog, possibly).

Dad's little helper was keen to part-take in the shed activities today. Mummy is very tired from the whole weekend building bonanza and rather relieved that kindergarten is open again tomorrow... :-)

Favorite Marimekko A/W '08

Another Scandi favorite, Marimekko, can always be trusted to bring out great stuff. Could I pick and choose from the latest collection, I'd go for these.

PS! Thanks to Sissi for reminding me that I need to link... I realize I was slacking on this post. So: the Marimekko umbrella is designed by Samu-Jussi Koski as are all the clothes apart from the last dress which is by Mika Piirainen, and lastly the fabric is Erja Hirvi's Purnukka pattern.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Snille Ikea

'Snille' is the name of this chair from Ikea. The word can translate from Norwegian as 'kind' or 'nice', and the price of these certainly live up to the name. I love the 50s colours. And the shape. I think I'll get the teal blue one.

I will stop posting Ikea stuff for a while now. Promise.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm off sick with a virus on the lungs. Been coughing for weeks and have a cold to go with it. The whole family's got it and as a result the medicine boxes keep piling up. I find them unsightly, so I try to keep them partly hidden but not so hidden that I forget to take them. This was my solution. A decorative dish that keeps them in order too. (The pattern is 'Saturn', design by Figgjoflint.)

Some of the pills belong to our beloved dog, unfortunately. She is by far the most seriously ill patient in the household, suffering from an expanding heart. It sounds romantic, but it's not. It's a ticking bomb that most likely will be her ending. I fear it might be mine too... Hopefully it will be a couple of years down the line.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nights of a round table

I want a round dining table. At the moment we have an old rectangular teak table that expands. A great function, but one that I will have to forget, do I want a table similar to the Eero Saarinen Tulip Table. And I do.

I can't afford the orignal Tulip table, so I have to find something similar. There's the Ikea Docksta table but it only seats 4.

I need space for 6. How about Ikea's Billsta? It looks a bit more solid, has a metal stand which I don't mind and it's a bit bigger. I think I need to go to Ikea and check it out...

I will of course also need a mat to go underneath the table... I love the brown Petra Börner one, but then there is this crazy orange one which would match our sofa. (Both rugs from Ikea.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fancy footwear for fall

I was inspired by Mrs French's post the other day, and ended up surfing the web for some beautiful boots available in my neck of the woods. We're not spoiled for choice around here, but I this little selection covers some of the range, also in terms of price. Grays, brown and black dominates, some in shiny leather, others matte. High and low. It's all good.

From top: Costume National, Camper, Fiorintino + Baker, Fly London and Bianco.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Retro kitchens

I am happy to know that the retro Scandinavian kitchen styles of the 50s and 60s are possible to buy new again. We will have to re-do our kitchen from 1968 at some point, and I would like to keep some of the original feeling. These are from Swedish kitchen makers Kvänum. Great, aren't they?

Monday, August 11, 2008

End of summer

I keep waiting for the sunny weather to do an encore. But I don't really believe it will happen. Since that glorious week at the end of July when the Norwegian summer showed itself from its best side, there's been nothing but rain and clouds.

Here's a little visual memory from the summer that was. This is taken at the mountain cabin, hence all the dreaded pine wood surfaces. The vintage glasses makes me think of starting a new collection, actually... The vase is one of those vintage West Germany things from the 60s.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What interior style are you? Quiz time.

Thanks to How About Orange for the link to this fun little quiz about one's personal interior style. According to my test results I am 'Family Mix'. I won't bore you with the full report, but here's the conclusion: 'You pull off the 'nostalgic modern' look to a T: it's fun, easy on the eye, and kids often love it too'. Now you know.

A good weekend to you all!

Fab 50's Figgjo pottery

Well, the plate is actually Stavangerflint - possibly an Inger Waage design. I have not seen it on any other items before, and I don't know the pattern name. The cup is one I 'borrowed' from my mum's cabin this summer. I'm not usually into roses, but I think this one is stunning. Must be the leaves that goes with it. The last item is a lidded jam pot - a new addition to the collection.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The new IKEA stuff

Always a highlight of my year - receiving the new IKEA catalog. These are some of my favorites amongst this year's new items.

Am I right in thinking that bedlinen pattern looks very Petra Börner-like...? Love these other patterns also. Would not mind having the green upholstered bedframe, but those little jack russell dog hairs get SO stuck, and also I suspect there's no storage underneath, so I'll have to pass on this one...

I was actually invited to a seminar hosted by IKEA in Oslo on the basis of having a style blog. It took place yesterday and I would have liked to go, but the timing wasn't good for me. I'd be curious to know whether it was just a clever (or not so clever) marketing stunt.

Some of my cushions are featured on the beautiful Bloesem blog today! If anyone out there should be interested in something from my shop, please send a mail to (There is not a check-out function for International orders yet, but there is an invoice possibility).

It has been a busy week for me with my new (part-time) job, but it's all good! Tomorrow is my 'crafting' day. Hope to be back with a new post aswell. So long.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wish list

I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, and it would be great having a little iPod action for the commute. I always carry stuff around, and seeing as you can never have too many bags, this beautiful stem print tote bag from Orla Kiely would do it for me. And coming home from work how nice wouldn't it be to snuggle up on the sofa wrapped up in this orange Nixon throw in baby alpacca (the new cashmere, apparently) from Jonathan Adler? Furthermore I've been looking at this white leather Orbital bracelet from Dyrberg Kern all summer, holding out for the sales.

Last but not least it's my birthday in a month (hint, hint) so I will need a tray to serve the cake on...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Wordl, anyone?

Oh, dear. Is there a lot of stuff to waste time on out there in cyberspace, or what? I just found Wordl, and being a lover of typography, I had to try it. Basically what it does, is compose a typographical image - a 'word cloud' - using a text you provide (it can be a text from a web-site or as I did - my blog) and it is supposed to vary the sizes of the words according to frequency.
On first (default) trial, this is what my blog page looks like. You can choose fonts, colours and other appearances. Reminds me of doing 'Basic typography' exercises back at college. But with less control and dare I say it, lesser quality in the result :-O It's fun, though, if you're into this kind of thing and has some spare time to play around...