Friday, March 30, 2012

A few hours in Copenhagen

I was lucky enough to spend yesterday in lovely Copenhagen. We had red hot dogs on Strøget, browsed for Lego and enjoyed fresh Danish pastry. As you do...

Picturesque, right? I love the street name 'Naboløs'. In Norwegian that would mean without neighbours.

Illum Bolighus, one of my all time favorite shops . The open atrium letting in light and the wood paneling on the walls are the kind of architectural details that I love. I thought the spring display with the trees and the colourful birds was a nice touch.

We couldn't really afford much in Illums, but Ellis bought this little Danish design souvenir - The Hoptimist. I would have liked to have the teak version, but it was DKR 400 (about US$ 70).

The big Lego shop had to be visited as well. Here's Ellis putting together some mini figures, choosing from hundreds of different parts.

And this is the result. I love the scary guy with a cap, holding a magic wand :-)

Glorious Oslo morning

I've just been on a quick trip to lovely Copenhagen, by ferry. Coming back to Oslo in the morning and walking towards Aker Brygge, I took these snaps.

PS! I tried blogging this via iPhone first, but had to re-upload the images via my computer anyway. Any tips on how to get the images bigger via the Blogger app...?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yo-Yo rug

How beautiful is this rug? I have a small collection of hand-made wool rugs from the 60's, but this one is my new favorite. The colour combination is just perfect, with a lovely teal background. I have a couple of my other hand-made wool rugs on the floors, but this one will get pride of place on a wall, I think. (I also cannot afford any dog accidents on this beauty... :-o)

Amongst the wool threads are also silk or linen ones.

The rug has a label on the back with name of the rug (Yo-Yo), name of design (Isern), name of maker (Elsa Løes. I thank you, Elsa!) and it's even dated (November 1969). I believe Sellgren & Co manufactured the material for rugs to DIY, possibly also the pattern.

I found the rug at my local second-hand store yesterday. I had already bought some other items and had exactly kr 64, 50 left in cash in my wallet (a little over $10) and they accepted it! Gotta love the recycling places :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inger Waage Oslo dish

Here's what I found while second-hand shopping today - a little silkscreened/handcoloured dish from Stavangerflint. I have seen a few of these souvenir dishes from various places before, but it hasn't felt 'right' for me to have one from just any place. Oslo, on the other hand, I can relate to :-) Call me biased, but I think it's one of the better looking souvenir dishes too...

Last weekend I scored a couple of vintage furniture pieces in teak and rosewood that I'm excited to show you later. Stay tuned!

PS. I tried blogging this from my iPhone first. I'm not too happy with the Blogger app, though... What's your experience with the app?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Test post

I've only just downloaded the app for Blogger and this is a test. That's Kurt with his long snout, btw :-)

New vintage items

I was out thrift-shopping again on Tuesday and was about to leave empty-handed when I suddenly spotted these little cuties. The two soft pink glasses look like very small vases and are unmarked. I liked them very much as a pair. The tiny smoked glass dish is marked 'Fuga' by Orrefors and the small hand-painted ceramic cup is from Stavangerflint. It's marked by a number but no initials, but I'm pretty sure it's by Inger Waage. I was very happy to find it :-)

The next two items are 'Turi design' by Figgjoflint. The cup and saucer in this yellow and brown colour combo is called 'Siri', and is quite rare. The more common colour combination for this pattern is a dark red and teal (you can see it on the lidded dish in the next image.) In this color combo the pattern is called 'Astrid'. The cup and saucers were found in an online auction and I forked out a little in order to get it in my collection.

This little creamer is my first item in the 'Arden' series. I just love the tree illustration and I think it's one of the best items I've seen in this sought-after pattern.