Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bundesliga fashion 1970s

Hang in there - this one is GOOD.

Thanks to SwissMiss.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vintage pottery lot

Having time off is a great excuse to hit the online market - which is what I did over Christmas. Here are some of the vintage pottery dishes I bought that week... (Apologies for the poor photography - it was late and I had to resort to using the flash on my camera). Clockwise from top left: 1. Figgjo Flint (toothpick dish?) probably another Turi design. 2. Marina patterned Gustavsberg cup and creamer - stacks neatly. The pattern designer is a bit of a mystery, not even the people at Gustavsberg knows... There are indications that it might be by Stig Lindberg himself :-) 3. Stavangerflint plate (I haven't got the name for this pattern). 4. Figgjo fajanse creamer, Grenada pattern, Turi design. 5. Hand-painted plate by Inger Waage for Stavangerflint.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Future and flashbacks

Here's a little visual summary of my trip to London (kind of) recently.

I finally got to see the Cold War Modern exhibition at the V&A. I picked up this book in the museum shop 'Fear and Fashion', a funky 'molecule' massager and a gold prism ring (worth its weight in plastic).

The book is full of great pictures, this being one of my favorites. It's from the Daily Mail Ideal Home exhibition in London in 1956. Quoting the book: "The architects Alison and Peter Smithson presented their 'House of the Future', a prefabricated home fashioned entirely from plastics, featuring all the components of imagined 'Space Age' living: artificial sunlight and climate control, electronic remote-controlled appliances, a self-cleaning bathroom. The intended inhabitants were a young and childless professional couple, and the intended 'future' was 25 years hence, in 1981." They predicted a lot, but how about equality at home? Hubby sitting down reading the paper while the little wife is in the kitchen? The fashion designer for this futuristic imagery wasn't quite spot-on either – look at those thights on the bloke... (click on the image for a larger picture).

Having said that, the 80s are definitely back in fashion, which does focus a lot on thights (but not so much for men) and I had a real flashback to Flashdance when I entered the shop American Apparel on Oxford Street... I don't think I've seen so much lycra and spandex (in every color imaginable) in my whole life. Even the shop interiors was like stepping back into the 80s. Had it in fact been the 80s and I'd been 14 again, I would have thought I'd come to heaven... I could never get all that dance gear back then. This time I think it's more about fashion than dance, however. Makes me feel rather old. It was great, though. I kind of regret not buying that peach colored sweat band :-)

Here's me during shopping. I couldn't resist the little Jack Russell holding the Union Jack in the corner there. Also, the writing on the window (In Britain for over 20 years) seems rather fitting - it's just over 20 years since my love(-hate)relationship with England started. Can't remember the name of the shop, but they sell sofas on King's Road.

Keeping with the futuristic theme – I've been wanting to get my son a robot for some time. I was more than pleased when I found this cool red one at Heal's. Unfortunately (for my son) I didn't read the text on the box before I got back to the hotel: "Caution! For ages 15 and up".... Only 12,5 years to go, then! Meanwhile I'll probably get it out of the cupboard every now and again to play with it myself after he's gone to bed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Vintage ceramics (and a little seasonal sigh)

My latest vintage ceramic purchase is this dish I found at Oxfam in King's Road on my recent London trip. It has no mark or stamp so the maker will probably remain anonymous. The little black vase/jug is something I picked up in a fleemarket in the autumn along with the lamp base. I bought a plain lampshade which I then gave a new dressing from a vintage silk scarf.

As you might be able to see through that window, we're having lots of snow at the moment. It's nice but it gives me endless dilemmas as to what to put on my feet before I step out.. It's almost impossible to look smart AND be safe (slippery hill to the bus stop). Every year the same...

Egersund dish

This was given to me as a present by Cecilie. She knew I'd been craving this pattern for a long time. So nice of her.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Margaret Howell calendar 2009

How fantastic is this? It's the Margaret Howell Selection Of Modern British Design calendar for 2009. It features beautiful graphic images of iconic products by great British designers such as Robin Day. I saw it in ELLE Decoration last week and knew I just HAD to have it. Just came off the phone to the Margaret Howell shop in London - I've ordered my copy. And best of all it was on sale :-) Can't wait to get it!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to London

I'm heading off to London again tomorrow. This time I will do my best to make it to the Cold War Modern exhibition at the V&A.. I'm also going to try for the Rothko exhibit at Tate Modern.

The bedtime read for my son tonight was this book - This is London. First published in 1959, some of the content isn't really up to date, but the illustrations are great and the book is enjoyable to both children and grown-ups.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sanna Annukka for Marimekko Spring 2009

At the time of posting this, this item has got 3 hrs left to go on ebay... Hurry!

You will not be bidding against me - I'm waiting to get mine in the shops.. Here's some more info on the talented Sanna.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jannicke’s moose cushion

My friend Jannicke just bought a cabin in Hemsedal and she's been crafting some interiors for it. I really like this crocheted cushion with an embroidered moose head (drawn by her husband, Rune.)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy Moo Year!

After a lot of to-and-fro on that rug idea for the round dining table, I decided that a cow hide might actually work. I think it does. My friends who came around for dinner last night didn't even notice it and when I pointed it out they said they thought it had always been there... I suspect this might have something to do with the fact that the pattern resembles that of my late dog's... A trick of the unconscious, maybe? I don't think that's grotesque at all - it's actually quite a nice reminder.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the feel of a hide on the floor compared to say a wool rug. The idea of a hide on the floor feels somewhat Eames-ish to me, although to be in the true Eames spirit it probably should have been a zebra instead of cow...