Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning 5

A couple of weeks ago Ellis turned 5. I guess turning 5 is a kind of landmark birthday. I certainly remember mine well. That's me on the left on that very day back in 1974 and to the right is Ellis on his (37 years and 5 days later.)

(I did not make that fabulous crown for him btw, - his arts and craft teacher in kindergarten did :-)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vintage ceramic lamps

I have a thing for vintage table lamps, particularly of the ceramic variety. Here is my collection (so far).

Søholm, Denmark.
Desirée stentøj, Denmark.

Design: Per and Annelise Linnemann Schmidt for Palshus, Denmark. This is all of 70 cm tall. Quite a bit is hidden under that big shade. (Which is from Ikea, btw.) If you want to see more art pottery from Palshus, click here.

Unknown make.

If you've been following my blog for some time you might have seen these before:

Lovely yellow Bitossi, Italy.

Green Bitossi.

Bay, Germany.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Que sera, Sera?

It was my birthday on Friday, and my friend Maggie presented me with this lovely jug and creamer from Stavangerflint. The pattern is called Sera and is by Inger Waage. I had the serving dish from before, so now this makes a great little trio.

At yesterday’s fleamarket I did actually find a complete coffee set in this pattern, but I have decided I just haven't got room for any more... Besides, I often like mixing plain cups with vintage items as I think a full set in one pattern can sometimes be too busy and you don't notice how great the pattern actually is. What do you think?

I did also have this one little Sera egg cup from before. I it is my favorite object in this pattern. It's got to do with the simplicity of the decoration plus the fat border on the brim. I do like that detail.

Yesterday’s catch

The fleamarkets are back on again and here is what I scored yesterday: Lots of Staffordshire mugs, the white ones even came with plates to match. Note the lovely steel tray with wooden handles that they are sitting on - it’s stamped Cultura Stainless AB Silver & Stål Sweden.

I remember my mum having a set of the brown mugs when I grew up. I have come across a couple of them in various colour combos before but never so many in mint condition. Not yet decided if they’re going into my Etsy shop or not... Any takers?

I'm very pleased with these new additions to my random plates and saucers collection. The top one is by Stavangerflint. I don't have the name for the pattern or the designer. If you know, please share! The bottom one is Swedish, from Rörstrand and is called Drapé.