Thursday, May 3, 2012

Safran by Figgjo

I've been told that a collection consists of at least three items. In which case, I've gone from having two pieces in the Safran series to actually owning a Safran collection ;-) I had the big lidded dish and the creamer from before until my latest acquaintance, Stine*, sold me the beautiful tea pot last weekend. Thanks again, Stine!

*Check out Stine’s web shop 'Hjemlengsel' on Epla here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New vintage chairs

It's fleamarket season again and I'm happy to say that despite a growing interest in mid-century items around here, it's still possible to get ones hands on some nice pieces. This first chair is marked Svein Bjørneng, Østre Gausdal (Norway). It has a teak frame and charcoal gray wool upholstery. I tried doing some research on it and I think it might be designed by Thorbjørn Afdal for Svein Bjørneng.

This second one I found a few weeks back at my local thrift store. It's a Falcon Chair, designed by Sigurd Resell for Vatne (Norway). I think this is a later version of the chair - possibly late 70s/early 80s? If you're looking for stylish yet very comfortable lounge/easy chairs, I can recommend these!

And the last chair in this post is something as classical as a wooden rocking chair. I've been dreaming of a Mademoiselle one, but this will have to do until the day may come when I get my hands on the real thing :-)