Friday, August 31, 2007

Work in progress II

I'm knitting... This will hopefully result in a pair of legwarmers. Very much inspired by Stella McCartneys gray knits this season. And traditional Norwegian patterns, of course. I make up the pattern as I go along and I'm now starting to dread having to make an exact copy for the other leg :-)

Black & white patterns

As I said, I went shopping today, and if there's one thing Åhléns is good for, it's great fabric at a reasonable price. I bought this fantastic waxed tablecloth fabric by the yard (top left) - spill all you like and just wipe it off! I love the pattern. The one next to it with the green berries I've been wanting for some time, but not really knowing what to use it for, I've passed on it. Now that I have it I still don't know what to make. More cushions, probably.

In the picture underneath,the fabric with the circles is a gown by Nanso, and on top of it is a shoe bag from LaRedoute (which I use to keep my knitting in at the moment).

Bottom picture: The cushion to the left is from Ikea, the one behind it is Åhléns again. Great bargains.


I've been shopping today. I found this ridiculous moose head at Åhlens, and the kitschy side of me insisted on having it. I thought I'd put him up on the toilet wall, but he could only really be justified in the kiddies' room, so that's where he's hanging now...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Work in progress

I haven't been posting much this week as I've been busy producing stuff. This is some of it. It's a broach made from a vintage dish. It's just one of my many projects at the moment. (They're all about recycling.)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Florence Broadhurst

In the weekend supplement to my paper I found this intriguing feature article about the eccentric designer Florence Broadhurst. I had seen a lot of her lovely wallpapers before, but I never knew her story. Apparently there's controversy regarding whether she actually did design the patterns herself and then there's her murder... "Florence Broadhurst Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives" by Helen O'Neill is said to be a captivating read. Plus it's also won design awards. I will place my book order with Amazon today!

For more of her patterns and fantastic patterned products (oh, the bags.. and the bedlinen!) see Signatureprints.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Orla Kiely

Ooops - I just visited Orla Kielys website, not having been there for so long. I almost wish I hadn't - her stuff is just so tempting! I'm going to London for a few days next month, and I always make a point of visiting the flagship store in Covent Garden on my trips there. This time will be no exception.

These are on my wish-list. Haven't really got the legs for those red tights, but it's inspiring at least...


I love Marimekko. Here's some of my favorite textiles from them. The top one is a vintage piece of fabric from 1971. The print is huge, and the colors! Burnt orange, aubergine and a blueish black. So nice. The two tea towels are recent, and the cushion covers I did a couple of years back.

Flying ducks

Yes... more fabric. The last two days I've been washing, ironing and sorting all my fabrics in preparation for production. Here's a couple of samples that I've had lying around for years. I seem to remember finding them at a fleemarket in a hospital that was shutting down, amongst a lot of other fabric and kiddies craft supplies. I like to think some young patients got to enjoy them at some point. I don't know who designed the fabric, but I found a Verner Panton sample together with these. It's a cushion cover now, which I think these might be one day too.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wallpaper animals

My mind is starting to boil over with projects now. And it's only my first day back from maternity leave... I have an application deadline to meet in a week (for Oslo's equivalent to The Renegade Fair), so all other projects will have to be put on hold until then. I do shop online for materials, though. I just purchased this vintage wallpaper to use for something similar to the wallpaper animals by Kidsfactory. I have some other rolls of vintage wallpaper from earlier which I will have to dig out too. Not quite sure what the color scheme will be on this one.

Back at work

Finally, the day I've been waiting for. I am starting my own thing again. Here is some of the material I've thrifted over the last year in the wait for the craft projects.

Favorite kiddies patterns

These are my favorite patterns on kiddies clothes at the moment. The top is by EjSikkeLej and the pants are Polarn O.Pyret. They remind me of a fairytale illustration.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


OK, so I was tagged by Sara of Happysilly about 3 weeks ago... I didn't act on it then as I didn't (and still don't) have 8 virtual blog friends who haven't already been tagged. (I'm still relatively new to blogging, mind you). Now I see that the tagging thing is going around again, so I thought I might as well join in/gatecrash the party. Here goes. 8 mundane facts about me, if anyone is interested:

1. My dream at the moment is to have a small modular house/shed at the end of the garden that can function as my studio.
2. I play the lottery every week - the same numbers every time. They simply have to clock in at some point!? That'll be when I get my house in the garden.
3. I throw probability theories to the wind. I think that in the end it's all 50/50. You either get it or you don't.
4. I don't believe there's such a thing as luck. Coincidences, yes. (Although I use the words lucky and unlucky all the time).
5. I'm the slightly embarassed owner of a nearly complete set (13) of Jane Fonda workout video tapes. (Including a menopausal one.) If anyone has Favorite Fatburners in PAL format, please give me a signal.
6. You wouldn't believe point 5 if you saw me.
7. I'm a Prince fan. Well, I kind of fell out of interest with his music mid-90s. But still hoping he'll be back to his former glory. Soon!
8. I've been editing this list about 6 times now.

I tag Cecilie of Happymeat...


The Bell Pig Cup design by Francesca made me start thinking. It reminded me of something... Then it hit me - I was dabbeling with some illustrations for a book project a couple of years ago. I am a graphic designer and not an illustrator, and it probably shows, but I quite enjoyed doing it anyway. I had ambitions to do more illustration, but it hasn't happened yet. Oh some day, maybe.

Bell Pig Cup

I was thrilled when this lovely Etsy purchase turned up in the post on Friday. It's by Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books. Thank you so much, Francesca! I love it. It will be framed and hung in the children's room, I think. (I have just started planning its decor. More of that later, I'm sure.) And yes, it's a better day today... ;-)

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Life can be a bowl of cherries, they say. I think I might have jinxed it by
photographing these this morning. Thinking what a great day it could be. How
wrong was I! I'll blog more toworrow, which will hopefully be better than

Thursday, August 16, 2007

StavangerFlint treasure

I love, love, love this tiny little bowl by StavangerFlint. I purchased it online, and it looks so much better in real life than it did in the picture. It is just so delicate and pretty and has an interesting shape.

Clouds over Oslo

Danish kiddies clothes

Some of my favorite patterns on childrens clothes. The green ensamble is by Urban Elk, and the Beetle pattern by Småfolk.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Granny craft

This has been my summer project, craftwise. It's not much, but I hope to pick up speed now that boy-o is starting kindergarden. I have not crocheted since my school days, so this was fun! Next craft project will be knitting. I'm thinking some woolly legwarmers :-o

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Norwegian retro craft

I went to a family gathering in Nesbyen over the weekend. The do was in a hotel where I found these pieces of craft. Early 70s or thereabouts, I guess. The tapestry I really liked. I wish I had the space for a loom...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Look what I found designed by LookWhatICanDo! I have purchased Marshall the Jack Rabbit Love Creature on Etsy, and can't wait for him to appear in the post. I think it will be a present for my son's first birthday - and a great addition to his rabbit collection... :-) Thanks Dawn!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dog blog day

Gunn Hund and I are both tired now. We're going away for the weekend and I hope to have something more to blog on Monday...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Lo and behold! This came in the post today :-)


Great weather at last! Walked to our local art café at Hellvik today. It's a picturesque little place, with a beach and great view of Oslo.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sparkle and spin

One of my favorite children's book - by Ann and Paul Rand. From 1957.


My old kitchen has had a small facelift. Well, Botox more like. Thank you, Ikea! And thanks to Frankie for having done the cleaning...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Fall fashion

It hasn't been much of a summer here, and I have already been longing for those lovely chunky knits of autumn for some time... Here's two of my favorite looks for autumn/winter 2007. Left is Stella McCartney, right is Gucci. Underneath is something I actually can afford... It's from LaRedoute, and I have just ordered it :-)