Sunday, June 10, 2012

More from the fleamarket

In hindsight, maybe the fleamarket wasn't too bad compared to last year's...

The two vases are German pottery goods.

I love smoked glass. I suspect the bowl is from Hadeland. Maybe they all are? If you know who's behind producing any of these items, please let me know.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage books

I mustn't forget to show you the books I found today! First up is this pair that I bought purely for their decorative patterned covers. Both are from 1955. You might remember I have posted other books like this before (click here and here to see).

The graphic designer in me loves this particular 1965 book cover:

And here's a cutie – "Rut and Jan - easy reading for children" (1960):

I think I need to translate this next page for some of you, as I find it very sweet and not just a little ironic :-)

 "Jan has a friend. 
He's called Finn.
Every day Finn goes over to Jan's.
He then asks:
Will you come out, Jan?
Then Finn and Jan goes out."

Final fleamarket of the season

Again, it's gone a while since my last post. So sorry about this! I won't bore you with any excuses, I'll just get cracking...

Today saw the end of the fleamarket season around here. I was really excited about going to this particular fleamarket, as I found a lot of great stuff there last year. It didn't quite live up to my fantasy, but I did make some bargains, though. Here's the main lot of what I bought today:

If you wonder what that round wooden thing at the back is, it's a lampshade for a hanging light. The big white thing to the left of it is a planter. I'm sure it will look cool with three plants in.

Best of all, some of these items can be yours – I have set up a new online shop. It's in Norwegian, but I can ship abroad – just get in touch if you see an item on there that you're interested in. Here it is: