Monday, August 13, 2012

Fuglen, Oslo

Last week I had coffee with my good friend Paul (of Sweet Paul fame) at Kaffefuglen in Oslo. The interiors is just up my alley. Not only is it a cool coffee bar - you can even buy some of the interiors! It's very expensive, mind you... Check it out:

I simply love this room. The built-in shelf is fantastic, the ceiling, the lamps, even the column! Fuglen is situated on street-level at a big (then) stately building from the late 50s (I believe) where I once was fortunate enough to be working. As I remember it, big sections of the building was full of these wooden teak elements, the lamps where everywhere too - it used to be a prime example of Scandinavian mid-century architecture. I'm so happy someone has managed to keep at least some of this beautiful interiors and that it's available for everyone to enjoy.