Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bitossi lamp?

Who'd have thought I had room for another tabletop lamp? Well, when one as big and lovely vintage as this one turns up for a reasonable price, I make room. I think this might be a Bitossi/Raymor as the Italy stamp (see inset bottom photo) is very similar to the ones on my Rimini blue Bitossi items. And the pattern looks very similar to this one (click to open link).

I'm considering getting a different shade for it. What do you think?


Maggie said...

What a find! The shade looks much happier now that you found a home for it. Not bad at all.

Maggie (busy reading...)

Didi said...

I say keep the shade- it's cool!
It's in great original condition. Congrats!

Minna said...

Nice, with the original shade, I think. I just found quite nice blue Bitossi vase from flea market.

Francesca said...

great colours. i think the shade suits it. x

mel bomba said...

i have a vase with the same pattern and mustard colour but instead of white it's a lovely brown, and i too wasn't sure if it was bitossi or not.