Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Veggen (The Wall)

This is 'Veggen' - a modular shelving system designed for Bruksbo back in the early 50's. It is still in production today. A truely classic piece of Norwegian furniture design.

When we bought our house 6 years ago, this cabinet/shelf was sitting there in the living room. (I know...!) There was another unit elsewhere in the house - a bookshelf that covers a whole wall. Needless to say, we kept them both. The system is very practical - you can add or remove parts as you like. I added the small shelf to the unit in this picture. I can't decide whether it looks too cluttered with my glass and pottery collections up there. I used to have framed family photos on the small shelf, but it wasn't working for me, somehow.


Unknown said...

it looks wonderful. what a beautiful piece to be left in your house!

Francesca said...

i forbid you to show any more lucky or cheap finds on your blog! it's not fair on the rest of us!

as ever, this is gorgeous. i really love these modular shelving systems. so usual and so good to look at.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to decide on the clutter. My eye keeps coming back to the plant, so the ceramics and glass must not bother me too much. :-)

Of course, all I can ever say on this blog is: Beautiful!

Francesca said...

i meant 'useful' not 'usual' by the way! and i think it's the plant's fault too, not the pottery.

Anne på Moseplassen said...

kjempefine ting som vanlig :D
og jeg er enig med de andre, planten er synderen her.. fjern eller bytt ut med en som er lettere, gjerne en som har et mer grafisk utrykk.

Janne said...

The plant's gone ;-) Thanks!