Monday, March 17, 2008

Orange lounge

My new Ikea sofa arrived on Friday. So bright! And big. It's a huge difference to the sober brownish green thing we used to have in that space. It consists of a 3 seater (sleeping) sofa, a one-seat chair and an ottoman. The brilliant thing with this modular sofa solution is that the chair and ottoman are detachable and can easily be moved about. It accomodates two people to stretch out on a chaise-longe part each, for instance. Great for those movie nights.

If you're wondering about the fab cushion over to the right, it's an etsy find by Katrina Kaye. And the little plush bird up there is by my good blogger friend Dawn Ramerman, and it's called Berta the Robin (Berta is into watching quiz shows on TV).

More vintage fabric cushions for the sofa are on their way...


Francesca said...

i LOVE your new sofa! great style, great colour.

lookwhaticando said...

OH....I LOVE your new couch and have considered getting it a bunch of times. I just LOVE the orange so much. Thanks so much for the kind words and are the best. xoxo :)