Sunday, March 30, 2008


A particularly sweet friend of mine tipped me about this site: Muuto is Finnish and means 'fresh perspective'. That is what the company's goal is with their collection of products by young Nordic design talents.

The items above are some of my personal favorites from Muuto: Vitamin Container Bowl (in faience) by Ole Jensen, Four Flower Vase (glass) by Matti Klenell and The More The Merrier Candlestick by Louise Campbell (in technical rubber and steel).

Also check out Danish Edge - Your Official Guide to new Danish Designs, Crafts and Architecture.


Rugby's and Co. said...

I like this blog site, its not only consistent but it's inspirational. Look forward in checking up soon. From

Kristina said...

It looks very interesting,thanks for sharing.

p.s.and thank you for adding my blog in your link list,:)