Friday, March 21, 2008

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

There is certainly no TV blogging my view tonight (is it possible to show any more boring stuff on a Friday night? I blame the Easter holidays). So I thought I might as well post something nice for you to look at :-)

These are my latest leafy pottery pieces found at my local thrift shop. I don't know anything about the cup with blue motif, but I have a nagging feeling I've seen it before, I just can't place it (grrr). I guess it could be Swedish, but I don't know. The dish that it's sitting in is actually not pottery, but melamine. The maker, Gustavsberg, named the series ornamin, as it was ornamented melamine. It's designed by Stig Lindberg in 1968 and the name is Blues. There is also an orange pattern called Balett. (My mum has a full set of it and I keep hinting for her to pass it down).

The cup in the second photo is English, from Biltons. That's all I know about it. Other than that it's my favorite coffee cup at the moment. The dish underneath is by Egersund and could be as old as the late 40s/early 50s.

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Herr Movarp said...

Den med blå blad är Gefle-porslin, modellen heter EF (kaffekoppsvarianten) och dekoren "Groblad". Fatet ska vara antingen enfärgat blått eller med en liknande dekor som koppen, det finns två varianter. Jag har två tekoppar i samma dekor.