Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vintage glass items

Smoked glass has been a favorite of mine for many, many years. These three items are the latest additions to my collection. I don't know what their makes are, but I think the tall vase at the back might be from Hadeland, Norway.

This little minimalist owl is often listed as a paperweight, and I can confirm that it is a Hadeland product. I guess the tiny crystal ball is also a paperweight.


line said...

incredible photo of the smoked glass!

Colargol said...

Hei, den lave vasen er fra Hadeland også. Jeg har to stykk selv i lysblå og indigo. Min mor (og far) fikk dem i bryllupsgave i 1965. Mamma brukte dem bla til svibler til jul. Størrelsen er perfekt til svibelknollen. De er nydelige med en pelargonia i på frokostbordet. Hilsen Nina

Janne said...

Colargol: Takk for opplysningen! :-)