Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nordic capitals - a vintage book find

The most wonderful illustration of Oslo with the tip of Nesodden pointing into the fjord. I found it in this book:

The book is from 1966 and features Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. The Oslo text and illustrations are by Odd Brochmann. I will probably come back to this book to show you some of the other capital highlights.

Please click on the images to see their full glory, by the way...

Examples of Oslo architecture.

This one I dedicate to my blog friend Lisa. If you read her blog Krims Krams you will understand why :-)

I find this one funny. The trams look different today, but the weekend skiers are just as mad. (That's my opinion, anyway.)

Nothing beats a beautiful Norwegian summer. Next week is St. Hans eve (midsummer night). I wish we still celebrated it as stylishly as in this drawing.

An extra treat for my Norwegian readers - the text that accompanies the illustration above:



erleichda said...

Norge er så fin! vi har så mange "slike omgivelser" ...
den boka er en skatt! bra du fant den : )

Kajsa said...

The tram drawing is so cool, rather hilarious. :)
Good find! Looking forward to seeing the other capitals.

Lisa Kjellerød said...

ha ha! Janne you are very funny! I did not walk around like that only in Feb but dec,jan and march also and I keep dreading the summer ending and getting back to that horrid long winter! (although I feel a little more prepared for it after experiencing a tough Norsk winter!)