Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tormod Sjaamo painting

I finally got my painting up on the wall where I wanted it before photographing it and showing it to you. I found this in my local charity shop a couple of weeks ago and was instantly drawn to it. The artist’s name is Tormod Sjaamo and around 1950-60s he used to teach at Statens håndverks- og kunstindustriskole in Oslo (similar to the Royal College of Art in Britain). He also lived in Nesodden which is my area.

Although it's signed '82, I think the style of painting is very mid-century. I love the colours and the composition and the fact that people interpret it differently. What do you see?

(Click on the images for a larger version.)


erleichda said...

I see a magnifying glass and .... butterflies : )

Francesca said...

i want to turn it 45 degrees to the right so the water doesn't fall out of the vase. x

robin grebson said...

loving the blog by the way, and am getting great inspiration from you! would love to know who makes the table lamps shown in your picture - they look a bit like poul christiansen but i can't track down those wonderful lamp shades!!


Janne said...

Hi Robin. Thanks for your comment :-) The lamps are Ikea... I bought them a couple of years ago. I just had a look at their web but it doesn't look like they do them any longer, sorry.