Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yellow and brown summer thrifts

I saw this cofffe set in a second hand store in early June, but left it behind for some obscure reason. Afterwards I couldn't get it out of my head (of course), and last week when I was back in Valdres, I got them. All six sets :-) They are called Solöga (Sun eye) and are by Rörstrand, Sweden.

Stavangerflint used to have different colours and decors on the same designs - as seen here on their model no. 2557. I don't know the name for the grey cups at the back, but the one in front is called 'Solei' and is designed by Inger Waage.

Lastly, a beautiful teak serving spoon, made in Norway. I thought at first it could be a Skaugum design, but the handle is too pointy compared. Does anyone know?


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Nothing compares to the great Scandinavian pottery, except perhaps Norwegian flatwear! Great find.

Best of luck on the NBC!

Anonymous said...

The serving spoon looks like it's from Øyo ( Now they only make kitchen knives and axes, but earlier they also did cutlery. Compare with this old auction add:

tidsrommet said...

I dette innlegget på bloggen min ser du et par tips om hvor teakbestikket kan være fra.