Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vintage Barbie interiors

Courtesy of ebay, here are some vintage Barbie interiors that caught my eye today. You'd think only the best would be good enough for Barbie, but it looks like all she had to sit on in the early days was cardboard, before Mattel Inc. advanced to give her some plastic furniture. Regardless, it all looks so much better than today's Barbie stuff.

Like a set design from Mad Men.

Barbie's sitting room in 1962.

Late 1960s? The furniture is not cardboard anymore, but the surroundings look rather two-dimentional.

1973. I got the yellow sofa + matching chair for my son's Barbie :-)

My favorite. From 1977.

Some more 70s chairs for Barbie to rest her little bum on.


Francesca said...

these are great janne! i think you made the right choice. loving the kind of stepford interior of the 2nd one. quite frightening! x

MoonDoggie said...

Are you sure about the orange and yellow chairs and the stripey green set being from the 1970s? I had the exact stripey green set (including the jug and cups - which may have been separate) but I'm pretty sure I got them in the 80s. And the orange/yellow furniture looks very familiar to me but that pink bed came with my Barbie Townhouse (also in the 80s).
Maybe I remember incorrectly and these things were actually 'passed down' to me by someone but I'm pretty sure I got them new in the 80s. Perhaps they produced the same furniture for some time.

Janne said...

I can't be absolutely sure about the dates on these – I'm going by what the ebay listings say + the yellow ones that I have says 1973 underneath.

Stepford is rather fitting for Barbie, actually :-)

MoonDoggie said...

Brought back some memories for sure just makes me wonder how accurate those memories are :)

Kate said...

These are so neat - I love these old barbie accessories!

sfgirlbybay said...

awesome post! i remember those 'tin' ones, aka barbie's sitting room!

essbesee said...

I think I had the sofa you got your son. The 77 stuff is awesome. I fondly remember my seventies barbie townhouse, complete with plastic elevator.

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Fabulous collection, thanks for sharing all of these pics. I've never seen the early furniture before. That yellow sofa and chairs looks familiar ;-) The 70's era furniture is my favorite too.