Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hallingdal holiday

Our summer holiday is over, and it was way too short and a little on the chilly side. Having said that, it's been enjoyable. Not least because I could drive, for the very first time, in our own tiny car to the family cabin in the mountains of Hallingdal. The car was filled to the brims with luggage and still we failed to bring the essentials: thick wooly sweaters. Anywhoo. Here's a few cabin life images for you.

A great lakeside view literally on our doorstep.

Kurt studying the herd of sheep passing daily.

A built-in bunkbed with crepe cotton bedlinen is perfect for summer slumbering.

I'm partial to a splash of yellow, as you know.

Nothing says summer in the mountains like cottongrass.

A little colour inspiration for the season coming.

And what would my cabin blog post be without a little fitting vintage pottery...?

Finding these stacked away in in the cabin brought back childhood memories. I don't know the name of the decor, but if I remember correctly, it's by Figgjo flint and probably dating from the 1950s.


Jim said...

New here.....great photos! The colours on those dishes are wonderful.

Lisa Kjellerød said...

Lovely plate! Looks like you had exactly the same weather we had for our holiday in Norway too!

Juddie said...

Kurt is my favourite!
*smooch!* those dishes by the way ...

Anonymous said...

Hei! Vet du hva serviset heter? Jeg har et frokostfat og kaffeasjett og ønsker meg resten av serien, men finner det ingen steder. Tenker det kanskje kunne vært enklere om jeg viste hva serviset het :)

Send meg svar på mail:

Mvh Tove Slyngstad.

Janne said...

Hei Tove
Dessverre vet jeg ikke hva dette mønsteret heter. Mitt beste tips er å søke på "Figgjo" og "figgjoflint" på QXL - det kan hende noe dukker opp der.

Lykke til!

Hilsen Janne