Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday thrifting

Bargains of the day: an Egersund 'Sill' (herring) jar with wooden lid and a sugar bowl which make I'm not sure about. (I suspect the lid and the bottom part might not even be an item.) If you should know, please share.

I have a dish with the same onion pattern as on the jar. I like it a lot and use it a lot. I DON'T like herring very much though, and I will certainly never keep herring in this jar, so it's a good thing that the beautiful pattern goes all around so I can display it back to front.

I love the hanpainted brown swirl on this orange lid and the fact that I now have a nice sugar bowl to go with my Figgjo cups.

I did actually make a third bargain today, but it will be another little makeover project. For a later post. So do pop by again ;-)


Lappesola said...

Fine funn.
Hilsen Sol

Dee said...

Great finds.

Erica said...

The orange lid is from the "Unique" series from Egersund, design Kåre Blokk Johansen :-)

Where is your local thrift store, is it on Nesodden? :-) Maybe it's a secret...? There seems to be more bargains there than in the ones in Oslo :-)

Janne said...

Thanks, Erica! I think as far as thrifting/fleamarket goes, you just have to be at the right place at the right time... ;-)

Didi said...

Janne jeg har hele kaffe settet til den orange sukker koppen!! 6 kopper med skaaler og en hel fantastisk kaffe kanne- jeg maa sende deg bilder av det en gang. You will like :)

Herr Movarp said...

I actually started my "flea market-career" around Oslo, I lived there between 1997-2000, we visited lots of small stores and those flea markets that the schools (or skolekorpsene) arranges! Really fun! Nowadays I know a lot more, so I would definately make a lot of bargains if I were to return to Oslo.. ;-) Please have a look in my blog, theres a lot of interesting things to see, I promise!