Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pernilla fabric update OR: I love Etsy

I think I have managed to track down my long-wanted Ikea fabric. On I am thrilled! Now - what to do with it... More cushions, perhaps?


Francesca said...

oh well done! it is really gorgeous fabric. please show cushions when they're done. x

DonnaGi said...

I was just looking for more of the pernilla fabric when I came across your blog and found out you're also looking for some of the same. I'm glad you found it - I got my on Etsy recently and made my daughter a laundry backpack (she's away at college). I love Etsy as well and am about do for another fix of fabric therapy. Check out my blog on and I will be posting pictures of the bag soon. Donna - Central New York