Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Liberace - your personal fashion consultant

I was such an easy target for this book... The intro page reads: "Never underestimate a man in hotpants." Indeed. This hilarious little book consists of 12 'punch out and play' paper dolls of Liberace in outrageous (of course) outfits.

"Cleaning your ring collection? Clothing optional."

It wasn't my proudest moment (although a funny one) when my soon-to-be-2-year-old son pointed at this picture above and said 'Mummy!'

Guess his dad wasn't too chuffed either when sonny then went on to point at this picture and exclaimed 'Daddy!'.


Cecilie said...

Ha ha ha, love this post!!

Francesca said...

hold did liberace get hold of all my clothes?! thief!

Anonymous said...

Check out the Feder's newest- "Elvis: Your Personal Fashion Consultant". Yes, they turn their attention to Elvis, and it really works -- This one is pure fun! It was just released Sept. 1- now on Amazon, etc.