Saturday, July 5, 2008

From the kitchen

My all time favorite coffee pot with creamer and sugar pot - Flamestone from Dansk, designed by the great Jens Quistgaard (of the teak wine cooler fame, amongst other classics). The small patterned sugar pot is from Figgjo Flint and the design is called Morocco.

I just won an online auction for this vintage Stavangerflint set. Can't wait to get it home!

Here's a little retro treasure from my kitchen:'Mamma - En kokebok' ('Mummy - a cookbook). It's inspired by the Norwegian mum who raised us in the 70s and contains recipes of every day food that most of us (Norwegians, that is) can relate to. It's really cute and nostalgic. (By Heidi Mittun and Torill Haugen for Schibsted forlagene.)


Gracia said...

Fine fine kitchen treasure you have there... enjoy.

Cecilie said...

Oooh! That Stavangerflint set is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love your blog! Came across it while researching some plates I found thrifting today - Turi design Morocco, as mentioned in this post. I love them too!