Sunday, May 4, 2008

Polarn O. Pyret blues

Kiddo has been wearing his share of orange (not to mention brown) lately, and I thought a new additional color would be good. I don't usually go for blues, but I really liked these sky blue patterns and the very 70s Bjørn Borg-like shorts that I found at Polarn O. Pyret recently.

I think I will look for some green patterns next, to go with the fantastic spring green we're having at the moment.


stephanie levy said...

Those shorts are really cool!
And I like your blog title!

Unknown said...

Those prints are cool! I just looked at their website and there is a shop in Vilnius, where I'm moving in August. At least I'll have cool digs for the girls!

lookwhaticando said...

in love with all of these and of course you know I LOVE Bjorn Borg...was in love with him when I was younger. xoxo