Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Orange Figgjo and Stavangerflint

Scoop of the day from my local thrift market: bright orange cups and saucers plus a few egg cups from Figgjo. Unfortunately the plates were nowhere to be found, but I hope that I will find some in the future. Meanwhile I'll just use them together with plain white ones. Despite not having any pattern on them, I really like these cups. They are a good size (I often find vintage coffee cups to be a bit small and mugs to be a bit big) and have a simple design that rests nicely in the hand. Plus they go well with my love for orange, of course.

The pitcher in the background is stamped Arklow Studio Craft, Made in Ireland. It pours really well which is not a given - I have quite a few useless creamers.

The serving platter is by Stavangerflint and actually not one of my favorite patterns, but on a single item like this I think it works well. The design is called June.

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