Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Oslo Operahouse

Today's outing was rather spectacular. The weather was fantastic - proper summer - and the destination for our little family excursion was the new Opera house here in Oslo. To walk on its roof, more specificly. We ended up having a great lunch there as well.

The architects behind the Opera is Snøhetta Arkitektkontor. There has been lots of controversy over this building, which officially opened less than a month ago, but now it seems to rapidly become our new national treasure.

I was hoping to come inside to the main stage and photograph the fantastic prism chandelier I've heard so much about, but that will have to wait. (Access only via guided tours).

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Lisa said...

That's a very interesting public space... very architectural. How did it feel to be in it? It looks rather - exposed. I'm probably just used to Vancouver BC where we put greenery everywhere... so seeing such an expanse with no trees or plantings at all is strange!