Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a day

It started with really heavy rain this morning. The rain continued through most of the miserable day. In the afternoon we discovered that there was no hot water in the pipes - the boiler is probably bust. But hey - the dog had had a bath, at least. And we're in the luxury position of owning a spare hot water tank... (Long story.) It 'just' needs installing. So Mette, if you read this - I might be coming over for more than just a lunch this week! I'll bring my own soap and towels ;-) The next thing that happend was that I saw the wonderful Marimekko Fatboy had a tear, and hundreds of tiny pellets burst out of it. How on earth did that happen? I managed to patch it temporarily, but not sure I dare sit on it again for fear of bursting it properly. Then. On to install the latest computer accessory in the home-office: a multifunction laser printer/scanner/copier that arrived today. Hooray - at last I can scan pictures for my blog. And print originals for my Gocco. When testing the printer I kept getting paper jams, and I'm not sure what the problem is. It's a right mess, and I'm not happy about it. Pretty much sums up the day.

But tomorrow I plan to finally post about some great old ladies in design.

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