Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grand old ladies of Scandinavian design I

Textile designer Astrid Sampe (Sweden, 1909 - 2002)
The founder and leader of NK's Tekstilkammare (The Textile Chamber)in Stockholm from 1937-1971. A pioneer in what's been labelled as Swedish Modern and in embracing new technology and materials in her designs. She was the first to make computer programmed patterns for printing on textiles. She also networked a great deal with other artists and got amongst others, Stig Lindberg and Alvar Aalto to design textile prints for Ljungbergs Tekstiltrykk 'Signerad Tekstil' (signed textile), 1954. (Some of these prints have been re-released by DesignHouse Stockholm.)

I love this portrait photo. She looks like such a character. The pattern next to her is called Santa Cruz and has been re-released by Almedahls in a black and white version. The tea towel Perssons Kryddskåp is one of my favorites, and it can be bought at Designtorget. The same print is also available on trivets and paper napkins, and I think it also comes in a red/green variety.

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