Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Grand old ladies of Scandinavian design II

Architect/Interior designer Susanne Tucker (Sweden 1911-)
Strictly not a Scandinavian - Susanne Tucker was born in Austria, married an American and came to Sweden via the US in the early 50's. She worked for Knoll and Alvar Aalto in New York and in Scandinavia she was involved in designing interiors for the American embassies. She is also known for designing interiors on planes for SAS and Singapore Airlines and lots of exhibitions (MoMA, National Museum of Stockholm and the Swedish pavillion at the Milan Triannual in 1957 (see bottom picture.) She also designed some furniture, and used bent plywood before Charles Eames (see small black and white photo of chair prototype).

She lives in a one room flat in Stockholm, and the interiors are quite admirable. Of course.

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Unknown said...

i'm loving learning more about these amazing ladies of design! thank you so much.