Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tinted love

I've been collecting black tinted drinking glasses for a few years. I am particularly fond of the wine glasses. I think I will pour some of the red we opened last night into one of them now. (Don't really get through much wine these day. )

Happy new year!


Cecilie said...

Oh, I love these glasses!
Happy new years to you too! :)

perfect bound said...

You are clearly well ahead of me in the tinted glass collection. I just began and am having quite a bit of fun. It seems to be everywhere. Any tips on how to pick? BTW, so glad I found your blog (via Sweet Paul.) Your ebay obsession is so satisfying.

Janne said...

Thanks for your comments! Most of my tinted glasses are vintage, and I have bought them in antique shops and flee markets. I think the old ones are usually nicer than the newly produced ones. The one to the far right is new, though. From Iittalla, Finland. They do nice glasswares. Hope this was of help!