Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ebay christmas extravaganza

Here are some of the items I purchased on ebay over the holidays. Bjørn Wiinblad vase, CUM Rya rug, Finel enamelled mushroom patterned bowls by Kaj Frank, small vintage embroidered cushion from Sweden and a sugar bowl from Arabia.


Cecilie said...


Wow, what a loot!
I love the Bjørn Wiinblad vase and the mushroom bowls are so perfect! Beautiful light in the pictures.

Francesca said...

nice stash janne! i had some of those mushroom bowls in my watch list for a while...would've been funny if we had ended up bidding against each other...we probably will one day!

Gracia said...

I have the very same mushroom bowl and I love it so.