Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful blues recently thifted

Stavangerflint plate. Can anyone help me with the name of the pattern?

Christmas platter from Porsgrund. Incidentially from the same year that I celebrated my very first Christmas... Good vintage, in other words :-) I don't know who did the illustration, but as far as Christmas platters go I think this is one of the best I've seen.

This little vase/bottle has a stamp on the underside, but I'm not familiar with it. (This goes for a few items in my collection. Maybe I'll do a post on them later and ask for your assistance in interpreting them.)
Update: The vase is called Zyklon, designed by Cari Zalloni for German company Steuler. Thanks to Christin and Skynda Fynda blog for the info.

This ashtray is by Maria Philipi for Söholm, Denmark.

An Italian dish, possibly Bitossi. Very 'Rimini Blue' anyway.


Christin said...

Trevlig blogg med många fina fynd !
Vasen du vill veta mer om är nog tysk och heter Zyklon. Titta gärna in hos Skynda Fynda eller Tusen vaser som visat bilder på och skrivit om dessa tjusiga vaser.

elena nuez said...

wopla this is my favorite color!!!

design elements said...

my fav color too! lovely!

erleichda said...

The blues are always lovely : )

Juddie said...

Oh so pretty!!!

I don't know the official name for the Stavangerflint plate pattern, but I'd call it gorgeous!