Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ikea 2011 catalog

The new Ikea catalog release is an interior design highlight of the year. Here are some of the few pictures that caught my eye so far.

It could look like Ikea is forecasting a more cabin/countryside-ish trend.

An all white backdrop for a colorful children's room. I particularly like the little 'Skojig' table lamp (far left).

...which looks even better as a pendant lamp:

This last bit is great news for me – I've struggeling to find some suitable cupboards (not too deep and with glass doors) for my vintage cup collection.


Erica said...

Åh, jag gläder mig också till IKEA-katalogen :-) Förra årt tog det så lång tid innan jag fick en att jag åkte inom IKEA och "lånade" hem en...

Enig i att taklampan är väldigt fin! Men även om moln/skyer inte är nåt unikt mönster, tycker man väl ändå att de inspirerats ganska mycket av Gunila Axéns gamla mönster:

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

I quite like the rustic/cabin trend blended with modern furnishings, although it does surprise me a bit that IKEA is going that direction. I think it's appealing to the U.S. market in particular. Most people seem to dream of having a cabin as a second home. Everyone wants a getaway, don't they?