Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas come early?

I have some fantastic blog friends out there, let me tell you. Look what turned up in my post box today:

A four-pack of Christmas cards. Aren't they great? You can purchase them from the lovely Francesca of Mrs Eliot Books. (Click on the name for her web site or here to go to her Etsy shop.) Thank you so much, Francesca!


line said...

Christmas cards???

Janne said...

Yes, Line. I have updated the post now to also include that piece of info..

Francesca said...

everyone thinks i am crazy getting these in my shop so soon but we have post strikes over here so i am getting in there early!

p.s. you're welcome! x

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

Wow, love her designs! I just hearted the shop, and I will definitely be buying some cards soon.

I hope you don't mind Janne, I published a post featuring your blog today. Thanks so much for the constant design inspiration, and your always thoughtful comments on my blog!

line said...

love your cards, francesca! all of them. if i really have to pick a favourite i has to be How to Grow.