Saturday, November 22, 2008

More TwentyTwentyOne purchases

This was the only really good shop I had time to visit in London last weekend (I even had to give Orla Kiely a miss :-o). I could have bought a lot in TwentyTwentyOne, but limited myself. For once. I was intrigued by this simple and beautiful notebook by Korean company o-check design graphics. The words on the cover reads: Another day, cloudy memory Recollected. I looked up their website, and they do some interesting stuff. I'm curious about the Swedish influences to some of the items in their online shop .

I also got this Lucienne Day teatowel, which I think is fantastic. There was 4 different ones to choose from, which wasn't easy as they are all great. Here's a snippet from their web about this product: Produced in pure linen, these designs differ from the repeat-pattern of much of Lucienne's other design work. Though not undermining the functionality and everyday value, the Lucienne Day teatowel works as a stand-alone artwork, as well as a household tool.

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