Friday, November 21, 2008

Desperate measures

What do you do when your 2-year old refuses to sit strapped into his seat on the plane? Distract him as best you can! Buy him a way too advanced radio-controlled airplane toy from the tax-free trolley if necessary... (The trick worked for a few minutes.)


Francesca said...

Hi there! My email to you keeps getting returned to me, so I will paste it here...

Re time - I know, it's hard enough over a week or two to do everything you want to AND relax, let alone over a weekend. Next time take a little longer if you can. And stay in a hotel so you are closer to the action!

Was lovely to meet you in person, good luck with the Christmas fair, look forward to seeing some pics.

p.s not even toys work for us on flights. nothing is more interesting to him than the little cabin at the back where the air stewards are trying to have a rest!

shill said...

that's a very cute and adorable picture :)