Friday, April 4, 2008

Latest project, part II, or: Crosstitch makes cool kitsch?

This is the first result of my embroidery project. It would be wrong to call it a prototype as no two cushions will be the same, but it's the first one out. And I will not make many of them. This one is 60cm x 60cm, and I am working on two bigger ones that can be used as floor cushions. They will be in my web shop when finished. I'm going fleemarket again tomorrow and I hope to find more embroideries then.

This cushion I think I'll keep.. It makes me smile to think that some old woman embroidered that vulgar but lovely gypsy picture. Just the idea of making an embroidery from the motif of a (bad) painting is fascinating.


TM said...

I think this looks very cool! Good job! :-)

Cecilie said...

Oh, Wow Janne, this one is amazing!!
Ha ha, I LOVE the gipsy embroidery!

CosiFanTutta said...

Really fantastic blog! Amazing creativity! Cool links! I could use the rest of the evening on this blog. Thank you!

Janne said...

Thank you all!