Monday, September 3, 2007


I received this Etsy purchase from Sugarloop today. Needless to say, I adore
it. It's a bronze print done on a Gocco. I've also just purchased my own
Gocco, and that arrived today aswell! I am very excited to try it out, but a
bit scared too... It won't be this week though, as the boy is sick with
double sided ear infection, poor thing, and will need all the TLC available
around here. We're off to London on Saturday, so maybe next week sometime...
Must start drawing.


Anki på sytt/vurm said...

I like!

Francesca said...

janne, before you go, can i recommend two of my favourite shops in london:


they are both in great streets, in funky parts of london that the tourists don't usually make it to.
have a great time!

Janne said...

Thanks, Francesca! Shelf I had contemplated, the other one was new to me.

Unfortunately, London isn't very pram friendly so we tend to take black cabs around town when we're there (which adds up), but I'll see what I can do.

Kristina said...

Nice etsy buy ;o)
Lucky you, for getting a Gocco! I sooo want to try that, though I am a bit intimidated as well :o(

Cecilie said...

I love sugarloop`s stuff! I have tree of her prits at home. Just couldn`t help myself. Can`t wait to get Goccoing myself again, and to see the results of your goccoing. :)