Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jenny Holzer

Possibly my favorite artist. Probably to do with both her humour and typography. (And posted here today due to inspiration by Dawn's little notes to herself ;-)

These three hang in the little room pictured above..

A few years ago I used to freelance for Norways biggest telecom corporation.They are situated in this modern complex where they have invested in a lot of great contemporary art (sadly much misunderstood by a lot of the staff). Along the roof top of one building they have this LED electronic sideboard running 24 hrs with Jenny Holzer's truisms. It's wonderful! Some days when I had to drag myself to work in the dark winter mornings, commuting with all these other tired faces, to be met by this artwork always lifted my spirits.

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lookwhaticando said...

Wow...thanks for sharing about Jenny. She is amazing and I am so happy to learn about her and I am very flattered my little signs inspired you. xo I love your blog :)