Sunday, September 2, 2012

Erik Pløen lamp

At this point I have quite a few vintage ceramic lamps in my house. I really didn't need more, but I just couldn't resist this unique one when I saw it in a second hand shop last week (at a bargain, I might add). It was the blue and green pattern on its back, picturing sky and sea with birds and fish that attracted me to it at first, more than the fisherman, although I think he's pretty cool looking too :-) Also the sheer size and weight of this lamp is quite impressive. The lamp is signed Erik Pløen, one of the best known Norwegian pottery artist. The lamp dates back to 1948.


Kari Anne Marstein said...

Enig, denne kunne du ikke ha gått forbi. Nydelig!!

Anonymous said...

Love the lamp. What a great find.