Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage books

I mustn't forget to show you the books I found today! First up is this pair that I bought purely for their decorative patterned covers. Both are from 1955. You might remember I have posted other books like this before (click here and here to see).

The graphic designer in me loves this particular 1965 book cover:

And here's a cutie – "Rut and Jan - easy reading for children" (1960):

I think I need to translate this next page for some of you, as I find it very sweet and not just a little ironic :-)

 "Jan has a friend. 
He's called Finn.
Every day Finn goes over to Jan's.
He then asks:
Will you come out, Jan?
Then Finn and Jan goes out."


Sophie said...

this is such a lovely blog you have! just found it as i was searching for the ikea pernilla fabric, you wrote about earlier.:)
/sophie from dk

Juddie said...

Oh fabulous! I'm so glad that Jan and Tim are coming out!

christine said...

Love these....really adore vintage books.

Jenn Ski said...

loving the patterns on those 2 books, drools