Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inger Waage Oslo dish

Here's what I found while second-hand shopping today - a little silkscreened/handcoloured dish from Stavangerflint. I have seen a few of these souvenir dishes from various places before, but it hasn't felt 'right' for me to have one from just any place. Oslo, on the other hand, I can relate to :-) Call me biased, but I think it's one of the better looking souvenir dishes too...

Last weekend I scored a couple of vintage furniture pieces in teak and rosewood that I'm excited to show you later. Stay tuned!

PS. I tried blogging this from my iPhone first. I'm not too happy with the Blogger app, though... What's your experience with the app?


Merle said...

Very nice, I have three plates from Stavangerflint that way, 2 with denmark and one with norway, like them!


Jacqui said...

You really do find the best stuff! Unfortunately NZ isn't full of second-hand Scandinavian goodness.

I've used the BlogPress app a few times to post and it seemed to work ok, though from memory it wouldn't post unless I was on wifi - they may have fixed that by now because it kind of defeated the purpose of blogging on the go!

Francesca said...

very frustrating and time consuming!
love the dish. x

Anonymous said...

Try blogpress. Cool dish