Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning 5

A couple of weeks ago Ellis turned 5. I guess turning 5 is a kind of landmark birthday. I certainly remember mine well. That's me on the left on that very day back in 1974 and to the right is Ellis on his (37 years and 5 days later.)

(I did not make that fabulous crown for him btw, - his arts and craft teacher in kindergarten did :-)


Francesca said...

happy birthday ellis! it is a big one. but now 6 (a month or so away) feels so big. like he is suddenly growing up and i desperately want to slow it down. hold onto your five year old and make the most of this year! x

Juniper said...

Happy birthday to your son (five is a significant birthday) and indeed that is a fine crown!!

Juddie said...

Belated birthday wishes to Ellis, and also happy belated birthday to you, Miss Janne!
I hope you had a lovely time on both occasions ♥