Thursday, July 21, 2011

In Living etc this month (well, August issue)

Note the Interiors Extra 40 fabulous rooms 2011.

My dining area is one of those 40 rooms!

(Click the images for bigger versions.)

PS! Some of those vases on the sideboard are available in my etsy shop.

PPS! More cushions like the one in the picture are available in my web shop :-)

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Francesca said...

looks great janne. love the wall colour. did they ask first?

designhund said...

jeg bare eeelsker bildet av din spisekrok!
den grågrønne fargen er helt fantastisk,
har brukt en slik farge hjemme selv, og den
er uslåelig sammen med sort, hvtt og tre:)
LivingEtc er mitt favoritt blad, love it!

Janne said...

Thank you, girls! I seem to recall an English journalist asking me who had photographed my house for (Norwegian) Elle Deco. She must then have gotten permission from the photographer. I'm quite flattered :-)