Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas time already?

This early Christmas surprise turned up in my mail last week. It is a gift from the super sweet Francesca over at Mrs. Eliot Books. Thank you so much, my friend! I have admired this pattern for some time, and now I finally have a sample in my collection :-)) The pattern is called Checkmate and is by the Empire Porcelain Company. If you like this, do check out Francesca's fab coffee pot here...

What is Christmas without some candle light? I almost passed on these candlesticks at my local flea market... Sometimes it's hard to see the gems among all the trash at these places. I'm very happy I brought them home, though. They are made from black stained wood, designer and make unknown. I love the little stick handles on them and the cone shaped tripod feet.

And then there is this vintage LP with Christmas songs that I picked up for its sleeve design. The illustration is by Peter Haars, who I have blogged a little about earlier (click here to see). It dates to 1968. This particular illustration reminds me a lot of Sanna Annukka's style.


Francesca said...

you're welcome! couldn't have gone to a better home.

yes very sanna annukka (so many n's and k's). you can get picture frames that are made to fit vinyl record sleeves. if the music's crap you can always hang it! x

Juddie said...

Yes! I thought of Sanka Annukka immediately too!

These are all lovely - thanks for letting us see them!

Anonymous said...

You lucky thing – that's gorgeous and very lovely of Francesca!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas x