Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday kitchentop blog post

I like the light in this photo. (Looks like it's time to go grocery shopping and get the bowls filled again...)

I think the Norwegian word for this thing is a 'saltkar' - a lidded tub for salt. Usually they will be pottery with a wooden top. This one is produced by Rosti Mepal, and as most kitchen things by Rosti it is made from a plastic or melamine – the lid too. I found this at Fretex (Salvation Army's second hand store) in Gol, Hallingdal. A great place for thrifts if you're ever in that area.

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Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

The saltkar is really cool. I've never seen one before. I too like the light in the first photo. I finally bought my first Cathrineholm bowl - through Etsy. I've loved Cathrineholm for years, but have never come across any at thrift stores or estate sales (unfortunately my region didn't embrace mid-century modern or Scandinavian design, so it's hard to find in my area). My Mom had a set of avocado lotus bowls while I was growing up.