Sunday, January 10, 2010

A spot of orange

Apropos of nothing, a little orange in focus for you today. Actually, seeing these images uploaded in the Blogger window, I realize just how difficult the color orange is to photograph digitally. It usually always turn out too red. Do you get the same? (I did a very quick job on these in Photoshop desaturating the redness, and ended up with the rest of the image getting a bit bleak).

Siamese twin cats from Disney's Aristocats and black glass globe paperweight, both vintage finds. Josef Albers art postcard from MoMA (thank you Emma of Wooden Donkey!)

'Daisy' dishes from Figgjo Flint. Recently handed down to me from my generous aunt.

A grand addition to my (small) Egersund collection - a lidded pot in the 'Unique' range. Found at a Salvation Army charity shop.

PS. I will be freelancing full time for the rest of January, so chances are my blog posts will suffer ... I will try my best to keep up with you all the same :-)


Jacqui said...

I agree, those super-saturated colours are really hard to capture - orange and hot pink in particular. Desaturating just ruins the rest of the photo! I noticed though, that a picture that had lots of felt spots on grey looked fine in iPhoto but lousy in Photoshop - not sure why or what to do about it! I ended up taking a screen shot of the photo in iPhoto and using that :P

line said...

i love the cats ;# and orange is one of my favorites.

SPARKLYpooh! said...

Hi. Nice blog. Just one little thing, the cats are from Disneys Lady and the Tramp, not The Aristocats :)

Herr Movarp said...

Daisy is a nice series from Figgjo, some pieces have passed by my house as well, mostly they have traveled back to Norway :-)

Åpent^hus said...

love your blog
and love Daisy
ok if I borrow a pic to a gallery post soon?

best wishes
Open house blog, Norway