Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thrifted print

I found this at a flea market recently, and I liked it enough to bring it home and put it up on my living room wall. It is signed James '56, which means nothing to me. If anyone has any info, please tell.

Update: Thanks for your comment, Scott! Here's a close-up of the signatures. I have a feeling the print wasn't the original picture for the passepartout... (Why would it have two signatures?) It feels a bit like someone's been recycling, here. On the other hand, the frame is properly sealed on the back. I'm tempted to open it to have a closer look... The passepartout is also numbered 13/108. To me the signature reads something like 'Sparre Lund' or 'Sparre Ruud' - both Scandinavian sounding names. What do you think?


Scott said...

Is that a pencil signature on the matte (or margin - I can't tell) under the signature in the print itself? If it is, could you post a closeup of it, too? It might help with the research.

Scott said...

I agree that the two different signatures doesn't really make sense. If it were mine, I'd open it up and hope for more marks inside. I wouldn't be surprised if the print itself has a full pencil signature, which would really help. Any labels on the frame (or inside the dust barrier attached to the back) would also help narrow down possibilities as to what part of the world it might have originated.

Removing it from the frame won't hurt any potential value as long as you're careful not to damage the print itself. It looks like the matte isn't acid free, so if the print does have value it should be removed and reframed with acid-free materials immediately in any case.

I wish I could help more - it's a great piece. Nice find! I'll keep watching in case you open it up and find any more info.

sweet paul said...

What a find Miss J, really cool.
You need to get your sweet ass to NYC so we can go flea'ing together.

mel bomba said...

Oh i really love it, nice score!!