Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vintage interiors

If you happened to read my previous two posts, you know that I went on a trip last weekend. We stayed in this old house where the interiors are rather... how shall I put it..? Let's just say it could do with an upgrade! There are some great patterned wallpapers (probably from the early 70s) and other quirky details in there that I hope will be kept to some degree, but otherwise the house is in desperate need of some paint and re-upholstery. I'm sure it will look great one day.

The bottom picture is from the hallway by the staircase. This is recently renovated to bring out the stain glass windows which I love. Keep up the good work, Turid!


TM said...

I love the photo of the stain glass windows! We have a couple in our house (which we are currently renovating). Nice to see the contrast between the white wall and the window - just as I imagine it will look like when we've painted our walls1 ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fantasic, I love the retro look. All thats missing is a nice vintage bakelite telephone :-) Regards Retro Gal